Unlimited breakfast at “Barsuk”

City legend says unlimited breakfast at “Barsuk” is a good tradition over two years. Every weekend from 9:00 to 12:00 — 20-30 dishes, wine and perfect coffee for 248 UAH. What else is needed for happy weekends?

Breakfast menu:

◊ egg, omelet, scramble

◊ Eggs Benedict with mackerel fillet cooked on charcoal and tomatoes

◊ Eggs Benedict with bacon slices

◊ Egg with Nuremberg sausages, greens and fried potatoes


◊ Shakshouka

◊ Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon (and with milk or water)

◊ Pancakes of cottage cheese with sour cream


◊ Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte

◊ cocoa

◊ black and green tea

◊ apple or carrot juice

◊ white, sparkling, red wine


◊ meat and cheese

◊ pickled tomatoes and cucumbers

◊ fresh vegetables

◊ korean style salad with carrot, corn and chicken

◊ salad with beets, cheese and basil


◊ Fish with vegetables in tomato sauce

◊ Bruschettes with salmon paste

◊ Passion mushroom with sesame seeds

◊ Chicken Pate

◊ mini pizza with boiled sausage

◊ zucchini with garlic and tomatoes

◊ pancakes with meat

◊ pancakes with cheese

◊ Nuremberg sausages

◊ baked root crops

◊ potatoes with butter, garlic and herbs

◊ Korean style carrot salad

◊ Lavash with chicken and pickled onion

◊ Stuffed eggs

◊ Farmer’s cheese, sour cream, honey, jam

◊ Napoleon Cake

◊ Waffle Cake

Забронювати столик: 050 386 36 29


Apr 27 2019 - Apr 28 2019


09:00 - 13:00




at the corner of 3a Gutsalo lane and Lyeskova str.